Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Full Preview

For the primary time in 3 years, Samsung goes downscale with its Note line, emotional a budget different of the Note three. The modern edition scales down on specs, sporting a five.5" 720p HD show rather than five.7" 1080p, slower processor, a pair of GB of RAM rather than three, and 8-megapixel camera rather than thirteen MP.

On the opposite hand, it's identical style, package options, and therefore the venerable S Pen stylus. we tend to additionally get an oversized three100 mAh battery that's simply keep of the 3200 mAh unit within the Note 3, that bodes well for the attitude endurance...


A additional compact Note three with five.5" display

With its 148 x seventy seven x eight.6mm, and 162.5g, the modern issue is shorter and fewer wide than the Note three, and virtually as giant because the 5" Xperia Z1. This makes it additional pocket-friendly, and easier to work with one hand than the everyday phablets these days, despite its hearty five.5" display. Granted, the highest left quadrant of the panel would still be unknown region for your right thumb, however a minimum of you're able to reach the context menu or home keys, while not the immediate risk of dropping the Note three modern.

Just like the Note three, the outer look is finished within the new Samsung rhetorical of metal-imitating facet rim and a removable back cowl that resembles notebook animal skin, sewing accents at the sting and every one. The removable back means that you'll quickly swap with a spare battery, and add additional storage, within the better of Samsung's traditions. The S Pen stylus is tucked identical approach you'd notice it on the Note three, at the lower right corner, and overall the handset's appearance scream "Hey, I'm a Note, too, simply smaller".


The biggest exchange is 720p HD resolution, all Super AMOLED quirks and virtues apply

Note three modern sports a five.5" display, that has 720x1280 pixels of resolution, leading to 267ppi constituent density. This panel is additionally the largest distinction after you compare it to the five.7" 1080p screen of the flagship Note three, that flaunts a 386 ppi constituent count. Its HD resolution means detail will not be as outlined, and doodling will not look as precise as on the 1080p displays of the Note three or S4. For everyday functions, however, the constituent density of the Note three Neo's show is absolutely adequate. Its panel continues to be of the Super AMOLED selection, therefore it'll give you oversaturated, somewhat cold colours, deep blacks, and glorious viewing angles.

Interface and functionality:

Samsung Nature wife options and S Pen apps galore

Our image version of the Galaxy Note three modern is loaded with Samsung's TouchWiz Nature wife on prime of mechanical man four.3 candy. The retail will not keep company with KitKat either, however we tend to hope it'll be updated shortly thenceforth. With NatureUX, however, the foremost apparent visual variations that KitKat brings, sort of a clear standing bar and full-screen wallpaper, area unit gift stock, therefore there is not abundant of a surface distinction initially look.

You can expect all the bells and whistles that keep company with Samsung's home-brewed interface overlay, like good keep, that keeps the screen on whereas you're observing it, and therefore the multi-window mode that may run 2 totally different apps on a split screen.

The Note three Neo's show size is extremely contributing to multitasking, and after you add the S Pen apps to the combination, the phone becomes during a league of its own. It offers the superb S Note application, varied drawing and annotation functions within the Gallery or Calendar, additionally because the Air read and Air Gestures that permit you hover on top of the show with the stylus or a finger, marking links and evoking crop up data.

Typing on the large show with one hand continues to be a job after you ought to reach for the higher left or right corner of the keyboard, betting on the facet. you'll modify Swype-like practicality that traces your finger from a letter to a letter, and inputs the word for you, rather than pecking at every individual key.

Samsung additionally offers its Assistant menu within the Accessibility settings, that floats alittle sq. on prime of the screen, that contains giant back, notifications, menu and then on buttons. {this approach|this manner|this fashion} you do not ought to stretch all the way right down to the electrical phenomenon buttons, as an example, simply to hit the rear key, whereas juggling the big phone on your forefinger - a useful achievement with plus-size phones.

The first hexacore Exynos has slow one.3 gigahertz clock speed and should not be a benchmark monster, however comes with tight 2GB of RAM

We have a brand new child on the Exynos block, and it the hexacore central processor found within the Note three modern. it's 2 Cortex-A15 cores, clocked at one.7 gigahertz most, and 4 Cortex-A7s, clocked at one.3 GHz. The new Exynos is paired with an honest graphics processor, too, ARM's Mali-T624, therefore it's unlikely you'll need interface or app lag and hiccups, tho' for serious 3D games it would be choking the results down. This one can get in the LTE version of the Note three modern in one amongst the simplest future verizon smartphones in 2014, whereas the 3G one can get a one.6 gigahertz quad-core processor.

Still, the hexacore Exynos here is clocked abundant slower than the two.3 gigahertz quad-core flower 800 or the one.9 gigahertz Exynos five Octa versions of the Note three, that the distinction in benchmarks is poised to be terribly important. Same goes for the GPU, that is probably going to be quicker than Mali-400 within the Note II, however weaker than the Adreno three0 or Mali-T628 graphics processors that may be found within the Note 3.

Moreover, Samsung has place a pair of GB of RAM within the phablet, therefore you'll line up several apps open at identical time while not swiftness it down. There area unit sixteen GB of internal memory (11 GB user-available), and a microSD slot for storage enlargement on the phone.

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